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The Japanese brand has revealed the first official images of the new Honda S660 Trad Leather Edition, a new version for Honda’s small roadster that will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2019. This new version will arrive in limited edition format – although the brand has not yet revealed the planned production of the model – and will distinguish itself by having a series of more luxurious finishes that will be specific and exclusive to this model. The new Honda S660 Trad Leather Edition is a kind of more luxurious version of the small Japanese sports car with a richer equipment that includes the emergency braking system, which is usually optional for this model, as well as new leather coverings on the seats, shift lever, dashboard and steering wheel.

As we can see in the images released by the brand, the interior finishes are in double tone and are accompanied by a special allusive plaque that is located in the central tunnel, behind the manual shift lever. The set of colors extends to the textile canopy, now available in dark brown. In the official images we can see how the model is finished in the classic green color British Racing Green, an ideal color to match the different shades of brown we found in the passenger compartment and the hood. The brand has confirmed that it will also be available the colors White Premium White and White Black Nighthawk Black. In this new version the aluminum wheels are available in double tone. At the mechanical and chassis level there are no differences compared to the standard Honda S660 Roadster, so that the engine will remain a supercharged 3-cylinder and 0.66-liter block, delivering 63 hp and 104 Nm of maximum torque. Like the rest of the versions of the S660, two transmissions will be available, manual and automatic CVT.

2018 – HONDA ACCORD   

The Japanese brand revealed the new generation of the Honda Accord, although we can say that it was the American division of Honda, since this model is destined exactly to that market where it has been a success for decades and where it tops the list of the most stolen cars of 2016 . This new generation of the sedan gets a new platform, an extended version of it used by the new Civic, so many similarities with the compact model, which is approaching both aesthetic and technical. Although by size it is still bigger. The new Accord of tenth generation is one centimeter shorter, but it is wider and shorter than the model that precedes to him, reason why its image now is much more muscular and stylized. In relation to the Civic, it counts on a greater inter-axle distance, soon gains in interior space in relation to its predecessor. Thanks to the use of aluminum and high strength steels, the Accord loses up to 80 kilos compared to the previous generation, depending on the version.

In addition to the new platform, the Accord receives a completely new line of engines and also related to the Civic, since it loses the previous V6 in favor of new blocks of supercharged 4 cylinders. In total there are 3 mechanical options, one of them hybrid, and other 3 options of transmission, a manual of 6 speeds and two automatic, one of type CVT and another of 10 relations. In replacement to the old 4 cylinders of 2.4 liters appears the new supercharged 1.5 liters that we find in the Civic, with a power of 193 hp. On the other hand, the V6 was replaced by the same 2.0-liter turbo used in the Civic Type-R, albeit with a more refined and quiet configuration, conforming to 255 hp, 27 hp less than the Type-R in the United States. Regarding the new hybrid version, it will be reassembled at the Honda plant in Ohio (USA) and Japan, although for the time being the brand has not revealed its specifications. It only confirmed that it will be based on a 4-cylinder engine which is now the most efficient engine on the market.


Although SUVs and Crossovers continue to gain market share in India (as is the case worldwide) continue to have a very important commercial performance. Details such as the chrome trim on the front, the design of the headlights that connect with the grille and the new bumper, are some of the most distinctive features of this model. If we take a look at the rear, the form adopted by the lanterns, the spoiler integrated into the bodywork and the bulky shapes it adopts in general. In addition to the aesthetic changes, another relevant novelty that debuts with the second generation of Amaze is a new platform. The design and development of the new Amaze took place at Honda’s R & D center in Bangkok, Thailand. It is logical that its development happened there, since it will also be marketed in Thailand. As a curiosity, the first generation of this model was called Honda Brio Amaze in the Thai market. It is not yet known whether the change of generation will change its name or continue with it. Although it measures only 4 meters in length, Honda points out that the new Amaze has a more sophisticated and spacious passenger compartment. The trunk also gained cargo volume. For now the brand has not revealed details about its mechanical part.


Honda continues to work on its electrification plans. Over the next few years the Japanese manufacturer’s line will incorporate several electric mobility options. A clear example we have with the arrival of the new Honda CR-V Hybrid, the expected hybrid version of the crossover brand. However, while the company continues its path at a slow but steady pace, in the United States an authentic monster on wheels has been designed, electrified and based on the Japanese manufacturer’s compact. Named Deep Orange 9, this is the result of two years of hard work by a group of 19 students from Clemson University in South Carolina. From the base of the Honda Civic Sedan, these college students converted the Honda compact in a hybrid car and designed to compete in Rallycross races. The main goal determined by this group of students was to design a very high performance car, but with reduced emissions. Although Honda was not directly involved in the project, it gave support to what was drawn on paper could materialize in a functional hybrid car, the Deep Orange 9.

Aesthetically presents a lot of differences compared to the Honda Civic Sedan that can be found in the dealers. Many of the traits shown by the Japanese model and that are associated with a street vehicle are a thing of the past. In addition to an important body kit, it equips numerous components focused on the world of competition. A superior performance brakes system, the massive fixed rear aerofoil and even a passenger compartment with its own race car configuration. Beyond the picture presented and the interior modifications, what is truly important is the radical mechanical part. Underneath the hood is a supercharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine with four cylinders, whose power is sent to the rear axle and that combines with an electric motor that drives the front axle. The combustion engine develops 406 hp, while the electric offers 203 hp. Thanks to this mechanical configuration it is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in little more than 2 seconds. The energy recovery system during braking is used to recharge the battery pack that powers the electric motor. Last but not least, the creators of Deep Orange 9 also highlight the new suspension that has been installed, as well as the total traction system.


Currently speaking of the Honda Clarity is to associate the Japanese brand’s big bet with hydrogen fuel cell technology. A kind of response to the successful Toyota Mirai. However, time has shown that Honda’s intentions with Clarity go far beyond developing an efficient and affordable fuel cell propulsion system. Despite its commitment to hydrogen, Honda intends to make Clarity a family of alternative powertrains, much like it currently is with Hyundai IONIQ. During the New York Motor Show 2017 the Japanese brand will present the new Honda Clarity Electric. This is the 100% electric version of mechanics that will soon be offered along with the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. The brand indicates that with this launch it could increase its sales of electric vehicles fivefold, something that will help Honda to position itself by 2030. Brand forecasts indicate that two-thirds of its licensing will come from electric cars.

The new Honda Clarity Electric differs quickly from the other models that make up the Clarity family, thanks to its exterior and interior that combine its main color (blue) with black details and chrome finishes. Aesthetically there are not many differences. The new Claritiy Electric continues to feature its low, wide body with a well-engineered aerodynamics, 18-inch alloy wheels and an interior with well-cared finishes and a capacity for five adult passengers. In mechanical terms, under the hood of Honda’s new electric car comes a 163 hp engine and 300 Nm of maximum torque. The electric motor is connected to a 25.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that will give you a range of 179 kilometers (EPA cycle in combined mode). It will also have a selector of driving modes that allows you to choose between the following profiles: Normal, Econ and Sport. Using a 240-volt power outlet, the Honda Clarity Electric battery can be recharged in just over three hours. If a quick-charging socket is used it is possible to obtain 80% of the autonomy in only 30 minutes. In principle, the new Honda Clarity Electric will land this year in California and Oregon through a leasing program, which Honda says will be very ‘attractive’. For the time being it is not known a start date of commercialization and its arrival in other markets.

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Nov 08

Tarps For Covering a Mustang

If you are a Camaro aficionado then this is your lucky day. Few cars embody the heart of the American automobile industry like the famed Camaro. We have been hearing about the new Camaro ZL1 for some time now and finally, we get a look at some of the spec. Details about Chevrolet’s new Camaro ZL1 have been hitting the internet thanks to a copy of the dealer’s guide that was uploaded by GM has confirmed that the details are legitimate. For starters, the new Camaro will feature supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that boasts an impressive 580 HP and a 556 lb-ft torque. This makes it the most powerful Camaro to date and it should be able to take on any muscle car on the road. The transmission will come in standard manual or upgraded to an automatic. The automatic will be a Hydra-Matic six-speed while the standard is Tremec six-speed. The new Camaro is both wider and longer then it’s current rival, the Shelby Mustang GT500 giving it more control on tight turns. The dimensions are similar to the Camaro SS but it weighs 250 pounds more. Given the power of the engine, this should pose no problem what-so-ever. As for colors, it will have the option for nine different schemes that include, Black, Ashen Gray, Imperial Blue Metallic, Inferno Orange Metallic, Rally Yellow, Silver Ice Metallic, Summit White, Victory Red, and the all-new Crystal Red Tintcoat. Sorry, no neon or beige available. If you want a little more flare you can get stripes, a powered sun roof and a “Mohawk” carbon fiber hood insert. The ZL1 will use the same Magnetic Ride Control that the Cadillac CTS-V and Corvette uses but it will also boast the Performance Track Management, a feature that allows five modes ranging from wet surfaces to a racing mode.

To help keep from flying off the road it will have Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 tires that can be mounted on your choice of two 20 -inch forged alloy wheels. One is a 10-spoke low-gloss finish or a 5-spoke option with a polished high-gloss clear coat. The interior is chop full of creature comforts. It features heated leather high-performance seats with the suede microfiber insert that will make your Lazy Boy jealous. Each seat will have six-way power controls as well, so you should be able to settle in at any position. Other features are alloy covered pedal s, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, a rear camera display, and an auxiliary gauge boost readout. Of course, you will want to rock out while driving this bad boy, so to help you along it will come standard with a premium 9 speaker audio system. If you are wondering if you can afford it then start saving as it is expected to go in the low $50,000 range. Aiden Jefferson is a freelance writer. He primarily writes about cars, education, home ownership, and fun stuff. He currently lives in Southern California but you will never find him because he is sneaky. Buying a classic Mustang can be fun or frustrating, depending on whether you do your homework. This first in a series of 2 articles will mustang cover buying a car to restore. The second part will cover what to look for, when searching for the right restored classic. Any time you buy a used car, its important to understand that there are areas that you need to check to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Restoring a classic mustang (my term for the years from 1964 1/2, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970 ) or any other car is not a job for the faint of heart, but can be done with the right attitude, some mechanical aptitude and a good set of wrenches. And of course, some place to actually work on your car.

Set a Reasonable Budget:

Knowing what kind of budget you have to spend and what things to look for, combined with the above, can help you make the right decision. Unless you are an expert on every aspect of rebuilding a car, you can expect to be spending money on hired help, whether that means removing the engine and sending it out to be rebuilt, or doing the mechanical repairs and sending your Mustang out to be painted. The trade off then needs to be compared to what it would cost to simply buy a car in the condition that you would like.Early Mustangs are prone to rusted out floors. While Ford did a good job of adding galvanized steel to some areas, the floors were apparently not on the program. This, in my experience carries well past the 1970 model year. Fortunately, partial to complete reproductions floor pans are available quite cheaply. They require cutting out the old rusty parts and welding in new pieces. Other areas to watch out for, are rusty lower rear quarter panels, rusted out trunk floors and battery trays in the front engine compartment. Interior issues for a car this old usually are areas such as a cracked dash board, worn or missing door panels, cracked or worn seats and faded or worn out carpets and headliner. Unlike even 10 years ago, replacement door panels, carpet kits and dash covers are in good supply and reasonably priced. Assuming that there are no major exterior rust issues, its time to investigate the paint and evidence of previous damage repair. Now, I’m not one to insist that you don’t buy a 40 year old Mustang simply because it had some time in its long life, a fender bender. That’s more in the realm of miracles. No, we just need to see that it was repaired or restored properly. Cracks in the paint that seem to have some kind of gritty or plastic material mean that the area has at one time been repaired,which is fine. But the crack (which may have some rusty residue) means that moisture had worked its way down to the metal and will need to be ground out and redone. Buying a car with this problem can lead to a bigger investment of cash unless you had planned on re doing the paint any how.

More Information:

A good classic mustang site is a great source of more detailed information restoration and buying tips and can help you make buying your dream car a good experience instead of an exercise in frustration.

Where to buy:

In the old days, pouring over the newspaper was the way to go to locate the car of your dreams, but nowadays, I’d recommend the internet, and particularly some of the online classified resources. I’m not as big on eBay now as I used to be, as it seems its now been flooded with scams and overpriced cars. So shop carefully. Over the years, glory and reputation of Mustang’s products have reached the pinnacle. By merely the name of Mustang, customers show a feeling of satisfaction and best quality. Especially in terms of cars, Mustang has certainly earned a good brand name in the automobile industry. However, one hardly gives credit to the engineers, who have designed such excellent Mustang parts that have contributed enormously towards the popularity of Mustang. Many astonishingly innovated Mustang Parts, which once put to use for alterations and enhancements certainly give some splendid outcome.

Special Features of Mustang Parts:

  1. Headlight Covers:

To intensify the looks of the front portion of your Mustang, consider Mustang headlights, as they are designed with utmost care and consideration. You will get wide options to select these headlights for instance HID kits and GTS headlight bezel kits. However, HID kits are most preferable.

  1. Exhaust:

To obtain extra strength from the engine and especially in order to change the sound of your engine, Mustang exhaust has designed these exceptional exhausts.

  1. Performance Chip:

With the intention of improving a vehicle, performance chips of Mustang play a vital role. The major usage of these chips is to intensify the torque and horsepower of the engine. Apart from improving the quality of the engine, performance chips also improve fuel economy.

  1. Throttle Body:

Along with the performance chips, Mustang throttles body acts as great performance parts. They help immensely to improve the engine’s horsepower. These throttle bodies are made after undergoing many examinations.

  1. Corner Lights:

Corner lights have special significance, as they augment the appearance of your car especially during the night. You have a variety of options in terms of corner lights such as chrome, amber, smoked, clear and euro.

  1. Air Meters:

Although usage of air meters is not to the great extent even it has great value. By using these air meters enough amount of air could be propelled to the engine where its incineration takes place.

  1. Headers:

To cover the head of the engine, Mustang headers are necessary. Being an engine part, it is of great significance. You will get several kinds of headers, for instance, JBA Cat4ward Shorty headers and BBK Ceramic Long Tube Headers for your Mustang. After the movie the demand for the cars and parts to convert cars to “clones” skyrocketed. Granted I’m not a big “clone” fan. I think you should customize your car to make it just what you want, heck go crazy. But I really hate to see the market diluted with fake cars. When Shelby build the 67 Mustang GT 500 it was a complete makeover. They left little unchanged. In 1967 Shelby rolled out the big guns with the 428 with dual carbs! This beefy engine produced 355 horsepower and had the now iconic oval Cobra air cleaner and cool finned cobra valve covers. Just as a side note did you know that a very limited number of 1967 GT 350 had Paxton superchargers? Dare you to find one of those in a junkyard. The 67 GT 500 had the heaver duty C6 transmission or the Ford top-loader 4 speed.

It doesn’t seem like Shelby did much to even identify the 67 GT 500 as a Mustang, maybe because of the classic lines they didn’t feel like it was necessary or maybe they just wanted to set it that much further apart from the more traditional Fords. In 1967 they made the front of the car 3 inches longer using fiberglass hood and other nose pieces. In the style that would look a lot like the 1969 Mustang Shelby mounted two driving lights at the very outside edge of the special Shelby replacement grill. Like in earlier models Shelby also put a larger opening in the fiberglass front valance to help with cooling the big block hidden under the restyled fiberglass hood. The interior of the 1967 Shelby was very similar to the deluxe interior of the 1967 Mustang. But even on the interior Shelby remove the direct reference directly to Ford. The door sills on the Mustangs read Product of Ford and on the Shelby’s those were replaced by a plate that read Shelby American Inc.”. All of the 67 Shelby’s had the wood rim steering wheel with brushed three spoke stainless interior. They also sported a 140 MPH speedometer and a 8000 RPM tachometer. They also had the fold down rear seat. Of special note was the 427 GT 500. Less than 50 427 1967 GT 500 were made with the 427 engine. These certainly are cars of legend, in all my years of working with Mustangs and Shelby’s I have never seen one. Count yourself among a select few if you have one in your garage.

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